My wife [36F] and I [38M] don't have sex often enough and it's seriously affecting me psychologically

That’s because you missed the message. You can’t hear it because you are LL. Or if you hear it, it doesn’t compute because you don’t value intimacy.

The sub is to let you vent. It’s a support sub. It’s a place to find out that you are not a freak of nature because the lack of sex is destroying what little sanity you have left which is making you think of divorce or, worse maybe, cheating. It’s a sub to tell people in the same situation that, “no, you are not a disgusting looking, worthless piece of garbage that no one, especially your spouse would ever want!” It’s a sub to talk to each other about the huge, huge problem that is destroying our very sanity and relationship when our sugnificant other won’t even speak to us about it or acknowledge it’s a legitimate problem.

Of course /r/deadbedrooms is a bitter place. It’s been described as the saddest place on the internet actually. But you can’t understand that; you are low libido. Drinking yourself into a grave over enforced near celibacy doesn’t compute to you anymore than drinking yourself to death because your spouse won’t cook you broccoli anymore.

Of course you think it’s better to seek constructive advice elsewhere; of course you can’t even conceive of the importance of the sub - the message isn’t for you.

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