The National Hockey League Is Going Carbon Neutral - "Our sport was born on frozen ponds and relies on winter weather," said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

and making sure the rich keep getting richer. Don't act like they can't spare a few points on their bottom line, when profits have been at record-highs.

I'm not talking about the rich, I'm talking about YOU and other middle class people (presumably) such are ourselves. At the end of the day these changes will effect consumers AKA you and me bud.

You can't just pretend that being environmentally responsible will destroy the economy, it doesn't work that way

I'm not saying it will destroy the economy but it will have very real consequences for people like you and me, you're a fucking idiot if you think only "the rich" are going to be paying for an environmentally friendly economy.

As I said, corperations are seeing record-high profits, rich are getting richer, and the environment is being destroyed. If you can't put those pieces together, there's really nothing more to say to you.

You are absolutely right, our current economy is based on extracting resources at whatever the cost, including destroying the environment, I never refuted this.

I feel like I'm wasting my time explaining all of this to you, it's probably going right over your head. You've already made it clear that you believe any improvements to environment regulation will cause a complete economic collapse,

I'm not saying it will end in complete economic collapse, BUT IT WILL HAVE AN IMPACT.

Like I said you are delusional if you believe regulations won't effect people LIKE YOU AND ME. Corporations will pass on the cost of environmental regulation to CONSUMERS just as they do now with taxes.

It's evident that you know nothing of economics my friend and I'm really sorry for that. You need to realize there is no easy solution. Regulation isn't a cure all, and if it's implemented it will HURT consumers, not destroy the economy, but it will impact normal people through layoffs and higher prices, I don't know how you can't see this.

You've already made it clear that you believe any improvements to environment regulation will cause a complete economic collapse

Yes, please continue exaggerating my point.

the propaganda machine has got them. Anyways, have a nice life, won't be checking replies, because you're clearly an idiot.

Only makes it clear you are kid, I also thought this way when I was 14, and (I hope) eventually you will realize it isn't so black and white.

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