The proud feminists of AskWomen shamefully admit that they get horny for Dark Triad men.

I am alluding to the fact that feminism, democracy, universal suffrage, and the multiculti fetish are all logically constructed. They are all rational enterprises. Communism had its own logic, its own internal consistency, as well.

They are not based on logic but emotion and propaganda which the lesser intellectually endowed humans are susceptible to. Marxist theory of labor has been thoroughly debunked, as was the 1 in 5 women raped, as was the 77 cents for every dollar and every single other myth. The state of the matter is - their proponents are simply too dumb to understand the arguments are following their cowardish evolutionary programming like sheep. Logic doesn't come for free - it has to be learned. It requires you to abolish your innate prejudices and discipline oneself into reasoning.

Catholicism taught that Lucifer was a great debater. Totally logical, rational. By using logic against man he convinced Eve to eat of the fruit of knowledge and earned man and woman a one way ticket out of the garden of Eden, into the harsh world with original sin. Is this story real? No. Catholics don't believe in the Bible literally. It's just a fucking story. It is full of wisdom, however. This particular story tells us that using logic can lead to horrific outcomes. Logic and rationality can lead to hydrogen bombs, world wars, concentration camps, and torture--as we have seen.

It's an old myth that predates the Jews and which they themselves fashioned into something probably unrelated to its original purpose. Don't make the Bible something more than it is - it's all mostly barbaric history, propaganda to maintain the priestly and ruler caste, and a method of control. It works great on a large chunk of population because they are so fucking dumb. And the large reason why they are so dumb is due to statist and religious indoctrination from a young age. You can tame tiger and lion into acting like a pet - imagine the similar process on human mind. The indoctrinated mind is so far away from its natural state as

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