Thursday casual complaints department

Neighbours were playing music late so decided to sleep with earpods in on Tuesday night. Woke up yesterday with one of the plastic covers stuck deep in my ear. After ringing 111, my GP and a local community clinic all shrugged and said 'dunno go to A&E?'.

A&E was horrendous. I spent 8.5 hours waiting before seeing anyone, most of the time sat next to a screaming child clearly very ill with chickenpox (shouldn't they been kept in isolation?). Eventually, saw a nurse who took all of 5 minutes to remove the cover with those super long tweezers. She rightly asked why my GP couldn't do which I replied I have no idea either.

I don't blame A&E. It's partly my fault for sleeping with earphones in (won't make that mistake gain). But really the G&P and government are to blame.

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