Neoliberal senior editor for Vox doesn’t understand why younger voters don’t support Biden

This reply is super late but I just this morning read your reply.

Kamala shares very little in common with old crusty white guys. Nope. She shares as much with them as I do, lol

I like her because of her law enforcement background. In my opinion ALL law enforcement should be half women, that means half of all officers, prosecutors, detectives, investigators, judges, even down to border patrol and all federal officers etc should ALL be half woman and half men, just like the population. It's called representation and it's the goal.

I am not being represented fairly, as a woman, and until half of all law enforcement in this country is female, I don't see much change happening.

Think about it for a minute, if nearly ALL law enforcement in the country was entirely female, what would that feel like to you? Would it feel fair to you? Of course it wouldn't and it would be absurd. Just like it is absurd that presently, the majority of law enforcement is male. This is changing fortunately because of women like Kamala and others doing the ranks of law enforcement.

Even the FBI has finally realized that we are not being represented and has made changes to ensure that soon half of all FBI agents in the field will be women. You're about to see some real changes in America

One of the only reasons I liked Kamala was because she was a female in law enforcement and I respect that, especially in light of the lawless direction the previous administration was taking.

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