Never be an "employee"

Pretty much all exogenous in the market as i got obsessed with it for awhile. Not to mention the effects they have on women.., but natural pheromones are by far the best when you do it right.

Not ejaculating for 3ish weeks boost them by a crapload. Not showering for a few days/after a work out (my sweat/pheromones after a work out when i dont shower is literally like cocaine to women and they find every excuse to be near me) not 100% sure of the science but its something about freeing up androgen receptors through not ejaculating and also signalling you are a healthy fertile male through the pheros. Diet also play a big role. So does your cortisol levels (meditating will greatly boost pheromone quality/output as well). Theres a lot more and i wrote quite an essay of a post on this but removed it as a lot of ppl begged me to "keep it secret" lol.

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