Never felt better about calling out of a clopen shift. Anyone else ever call out of a shift that's part of a clopen?

You know, for a bunch of retail workers, this sub is really filled with a bunch of pathetic individuals.

“I can’t work a register, muh anxiety!!”

“Can I call ethics, my store manager wore a red shirt today and he knows red is my trigger color”

“I have a doctors note to cover this minor cold and I had previously abused the point system, why I was terminated? Can I sue? Class action?”

And finally “I work till 11 tonight and open tomorrow and management didn’t do anything about it, I’m going to post about calling out.”

Next time, just call the fuck out and if it pisses you off that bad. No need to make a post about it. We get it, you’re pissy, no need to tell everyone.

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