New BoingBoing Post decrying TRP(as well as MRA, GG, etc)

cis white hetero christian male

You really need to add "conservative" to get the anti liberal strawman. You know, those obstructionist authoritarian fascists that happen to be white males. The left doesn't believe in strong leaders, authoritative leaders and merit don't exist on their spectrum of political belief. When conservatives attempt to do the things that the liberals do it's paternalistic HBD style racism. Even when the goals are the fucking same it's still not acceptable.

You want to be a humanitarian and help people? The religious (Christians, Jews) literally have members that dedicate their lives to just that. Even they don't get a pass because by being members of their religions they tacitly support and repress the CHOSEN ONES. Homosexuals, minorities, degenerates, and irreligious people that think all religions are equally destructive. The same people that want to go back into the Middle East to fight ISIS celebrated when Obama "withdrew" from that arena. The same people that want to coddle minority criminals are perfectly okay with them not having guns or the ability to vote.

When conservatives and thought crimes cause damage to the chosen that is BAD. When liberal policies cause the damage that's the cost of a free society! Nationalistic pride and "Americanisms" are perfectly acceptable when they are accomplishing the things liberals want. When they aren't Nationalism is degraded as white ethnic solidarity movements (racist) or as co-opted bastardizations by the authoritarian right (ignorant religious) and capitalists.

If you happen to defy those classic labels then you are engaging in sciencism (lol) by using common sense to fill in the blanks. If you are apolitical you don't matter unless your voice happens to reach an audience, then you must be crushed. Employed cis white hetero atheist apolitical males should have zero people up their ass. Yet when those same guys dip their toes into the fatalistic HBD waters or align themselves with conservative thoughts on relationships suddenly it's DEFCON fucking 1. Exhibit A, European Free Speech. Exhibit B, Anti-MR. Exhibit C, Gamer Gate.

Progressive Liberalism is just code for aggressive hegemony. At worst the criticisms leveled at Conservatives would also apply to Liberals because of the flaws of representative democracies. It's tough having a long memory and not being spiteful. Takes all the fun out of identity politics.

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