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But as for Bukharin and the USSR; That's also due for rework, as per the devs. Originally they went with "What if Bukharin was just Stalin but more incompetent???", now apparently they're trying to think through what the USSR led by Bukharin would have actually looked like

thats good at least.

99% sure they retconned this away. I don't remember the new timeline exactly but I'm fairly sure that FDR was a president now.

thank god

Not really? Shit sucked but there was never a point where a second civil war was actually likely or even feasible

no we actually were the entire new deal was an extremely desperate fix to a rapidly worsening situation.

That said I think you're overstating the geopolitical weight that the USSR, even if less isolationist, could hold. I don't think America would have seen more communist agitation than in our timeline, really.

mm fair.

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