New Season Calibration Megathread

I understand that 'you get the MMR you deserve', and until the new calibration I have been on board with this. But to me 10 games seems like an embarrassingly small sample size with which to make shifts of up to +- 800 MMR. Especially in low ranked games (Yes, I'm 2k shit tier) where disconnects and rage quitting are frequent - it seems that the change is kinda RNG based.

I get that 'you'll earn it back' but frankly that probably means playing 20 or 30 games of noncompetitive Dota (either with the player stomping each game because they were shifted too low, or being stomped because they were shifted too high).

Anyone else feel like there should be a bigger sample size of calibration games or smaller shifts in MMR over the course of those games?

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