The nimrod maritime patrol aircraft was retired almost a decade ago. It could perform searches at sea, helped by a searchlight with the power of 7 million candles. Unfortunately since it retired all of those searchlights have been fitted to audis and are now used only to drive up and down the M1.

Honda owner here. There’s no fixing them, they come from the factory like this. They are within spec. If I took it in and had them “fixed” they’d come out the same, because they are operating properly. The beam pattern is good, they are primarily aimed down, they auto level, etc. But on certain roads it just seems like the little dips and rises will put them right in people’s eyes.

But other than not using headlights, I have no real option.

Every time somebody flashes me I’m tempted to hit them back with both barrels, just to show them what my actual brights look like.

When people flip their brights solid on to try and be salty, I do just that.

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