Noam Chomsky: Bernie Sanders Campaign Didn’t Fail. It Energized Millions & Shifted U.S. Politics

Oh I agree, trying to equate the two is ridiculous and just plain stupid. I'm just trying to show where some of the fierce opposition has its roots, but we are agreed in it's stupidity. Bernie would not want people to write in his name, he would want us to stop the ongoing descent into a fascist empire. Trust me I'm terrified of 4 more years for Trump and it will probably completely change my career path because I was initially looking to work in foreign policy but I could never work for an administration's state department that would routinely ask my to compromise my morals. I think there are worlds apart between Biden and Trump, but I also did want to clarify that I think there are worlds apart between Biden and Bernie too. Regardless of what Biden has on his ticket, he has not shown to have the integrity to stay with his opinions. I mean he was opposed to gay marriage in 2008 because that was the climate at the time. The things on his ticket now are because of the climate now that the whole party has shifted left because of Bernie. Whether they are likely to happen though ultimately doesn't matter because they absolutely would never happen under Trump.

Anyway yeah didn't mean to be harsh, just wanted to give my perspective as a fervent Bernie supporter who now is a reluctant Biden supporter, but still not stupid enough to be an indirect Trump supporter.

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