Non blm related mob FreakOut. Old video of people of color stoning a what's claimed to be a pregnant woman in Public. Potentially NSFW, cut video while woman is still breathing to comply with R#5

So no one can post about the atrocities that happen involving black people? Only white people do atrocities? Can you say from where is the American common idea that muslims are all bombers? All humans can do atrocities, it doesn’t matter if you are young, old, male, female and you can be of whatever color you can think of. Just like humans are awful to nature they are pure evil to each other, this post obviously is pertaining the USA climate but is also a part of a reality that involve in this case specific people from another whole continent completely apart from USA and is also a demonstration of what people who follow blindly ideologies (in this video I presume for some religious motivation or old society/social motivation) can do to others in the high state of mind caused by their “moral”.

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