its not my looks....or is it? (college rant)

Have you ever seriously asked these girls (age bracket you seek) what their criteria for the man they would say “Yes!” to?

I have. I’ve asked hundreds of them. You know what they all say?

It’s all bullshit. Most of these girls wouldn’t know a decent man if he bit her on the ass hard. Trust me, clueless idiots, they always select losers, then bitch about it to friends and family but never leave him. This is especially true if he is good looking or has money or both.

I was in your exact situation. I looked young, but with an impressive wang.

What did I do? I gave up trying girls my age. Fuck em. Their dating criteria is fucked up. All you need to do is ask them questions about it and you’ll quickly see just how stupid they are in their selection process. The more you ask, the worse it gets. Soon yo figure out why you’re not getting laid is simply because you lack the ability to meet their insane unrealistic expectations.

I learned that there are a LOT of older women who would love nothing more than to fuck my balls off.

I was 18, she was 33. She fucked me better than any girl my age EVER would have.

Trust me, I never looked back. I had my first threesome with her too. Awesome.

If I were you, I’d change the store I’m shopping in.

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