A note from me (a female)

Woh... I'm sorry OP, but you've got some serious misconceptions about what went wrong in your relationship. Consider the fact that not all men who use porn are porn addicts, and PMO is not always a replacement to sex. Many men manage successful relationships just fine while watching porn, and I don't see how it is some kind of betrayal of their SOs. I'm not even entirely convinced that OPs fiancee had a porn problem, I mean she even mentions that they have sex every day. Maybe his natural sex drive is just a little bit higher than yours, and to maintain balance he let some go once and a while. The fact that you were monitoring his movie and TV watching, and consider looking at and finding attractive nudity in media "on him" and something you need to be policing, suggests that there were far more problems than just his masturbation in this relationship.

I know, I don't know the specifics, but come on... I thought we understood in NoFap that PMO doesn't universally ruin everybody who engages in it, and not everybody is an addict. I don't see the problem with a man in a relationship acknowledging sexuality on screen and not averting his eyes like some kind of child... I can say with certainty that none of my past gfs have had a problem with that, I'm sure many (if not most) women feel the same way. If it's not actively harming your relationship or sex life, it's only natural for a man to be somewhat attracted to sexy media. Are we all like puritanical christians or something? Looking at nudity in a TV show isn't cheating... Staring and gawking is one thing, but simply watching it, especially in the context of a movie or TV show? I would never stay in a relationship with someone who wanted me to monitor my TV usage to avoid momentary attraction to something sexy on screen... As meaningless as sexy media is to me, a woman doing that to her SO is a sign of some serious jealousy and insecurity issues...

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