People who quit what did you do differently the last time?

Understanding what triggers me and being honest about the type of triggers I had because I would lie to myself to justify relapsing. Also understanding urges will come but they will also go it’s inevitable. Understanding im not a perfect person. I slipped up by peeking but didn’t fall by relapsing. Another big thing is we’re human. It’s ok to be sexually attracted to other humans it’s natural. I think women are beautiful yeah I said it! I like being around feminine energy. It’s ok to be attracted to other humans! I feel like that gets lost in this subreddit a lot thinking you have to give up real energy towards real ppl when it’s actually the fake passionate, false reality porn gives you. I took no, IM CONTITAKING all the energy that wasn’t reciprocated by the pixels and random female on page 8 of my phub search and put it towards my vision of where I want to be in life

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