Nurses of Reddit, what is your "I don't get paid enough for this shit" moment?

I'm a private duty Medicaid nurse. I take care of an adult patient who we'll call J. J has the mindset of a child, he's wheelchair bound, can't speak, can't do much of anything but he does have use of his arms and he can wheel himself around the house usually into and out of his "play room" which is where he plays with toys set up on desks.


I left my shift at 8PM and got a phone call at about 8:15 from J's dad. J's mom was supposed to take care of J the next day (she lives about an hour away) but called and said she wouldn't be able to because her other son had a stroke. Dad asked if I could come back in at 8AM the next day. Yeah, sure, I'll be there, no worries.

I go to work the next day. J is in his play room at around 1030AM. I'm in the living room cleaning. I hear him wheeling down the hallway so I go to see what he's up to. There is literally shit... everywhere. All over his wheelchair, his pants, his hands, the floor, just everywhere. Transferring him from his wheelchair to the couch so I could clean him up, I ended up getting shit all over me. So I took my shirt off and kept my undershirt on, cleaned up J, and got to work scrubbing his wheelchair and the floors. Basically everything was just covered in shit at this point.

I'm on my hands and knees literally covered in shit when suddenly J's mom walks into the door, no warning that she's coming over, and she's brought a friend. She frequently brings people over to visit J for about ten minutes because she likes the attention she gets from having a special needs son (that she rarely sees and even more rarely takes proper care of, but whatever). So she sits right down with this friend she brought and just starts acting like she didn't make up a story about her son having a fucking STROKE so she could get out of caring for her fucking son, her friend is asking her medical questions about son's case and she has no idea how to answer them so I'm trying to answer them to the best of my ability while I'm still on the floor scrubbing her son's shit off of everything, and she's talking down to me to impress her friend.

She left after a few minutes, and immediately called one of the other nurses on the case to complain because I was dressed inappropriately. OK lady, next time I'll keep my shirt covered in shit on while I carry your son around.

I've never been so livid in my fucking life. I hate J's mom.

Whew. Thanks for letting me get that out. :)

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