[OC] The job hunt as a teacher in the US

I've ghosted a recruiter out of spite before and it feels really good.

During our initial phone call she was very cold and apathetic to me. Granted I didn't have any experience in the field I was applying into, but I had certs and skills on my resume that hinted that I wasn't totally clueless and helpless. At most I was only halfway useless.

Her attitude continued until she asked me straight up why I was having such major issues applying for jobs. I happily told her I've been having great luck and I was flying out for my third on-site interview that week. Her tone changed completely. She suddenly became very sweet, caring, and interested in me. She wanted to schedule a follow-up technical interview and I told her I'd get back to her after my trip as my schedule is up in the air.

Luckily for me, that trip was to my number one choice. I already loved what I heard about the job, I just wanted to make sure it was all real on my on-site. Luckily it was exactly as great as it sounded, and I hadn't even boarded my flight back home before they called me with an offer. I'm happily working there today.

The other recruiter has emailed me multiple times wanting to schedule interviews, and I periodically still check their job posts to see the job still open.

Tl;Dr: when your field has major talent shortage and near zero unemployment, don't make it obvious you think the candidate is a waste of your time.

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