Ocasio-Cortez has got the GOP rattled

Democrats have played along with this "You need to reach across the aisle" bullshit.

That's because a majority of Democrats are, more or less on the same page as Republicans when it comes to expanding the American empire and the military industrial complex, when it comes to building the surveillance state, and in deregulating Wall Street. On these issues, they may disagree on just HOW this is done. The Dems like a kinder more polite war that's easier to sell to the public. Reps like to go all in with their chest puffed out. Dems get away with the surveillance state, because he.. at least they don't sound like those fascist Republicans. As they stuff their admins with Citigroup hand picked staff (Obama) or deregulate Glass-Stegal (Clinton), or change the rules so Congress can get rich from insider trading (Pelosi), we like to sit back and pretend - while they tell unions to go march somewhere else, that somehow they give a rat fuck about working people.

Establishment Dems and Establishment Republicans have created highly divisive arguments over .. some things that should not be priority (culture wars) and somethings that should (environment, police brutality) to make ever election seem too dire to vote 3rd party or the fringes of their own parties (Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders). Every election is so dire and so pressing, more so than the last and the last before that, that you're conned into voting for the lesser evil.

I mean.. you don't want to get blamed for Bush being in office in 00' for voting Nader do you? We can't possibly put Bernie up for DNC candidate and have to cheat every way possible, from getting fed debate questions to the superdelegate system itself, to keep him out. Then when little miss "It's MY TURN" gets up there, we're all told we have to vote for her, else Trump.

And this exact situation is how people like HRC and Pelosi and the whole lot of those assholes stay in power.

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, Beto O'rourke, Tulsi Gabbard and a few others have me charged up right now. I'm really hoping they can finally puncture through this crap.

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