Get it off your chest. What are you feeling stressed or shitty about?

To pursue my career of choice, I've had to move a few states away from all of my family and friends. For the most part, I've managed fine because I've enjoyed my work and it's kept me busy. But the isolation is really starting to get to me as I approach the three year mark post college graduation.

My job has very seasonal aspects of it, and basically the fun stuff I enjoy goes away during the summer months, leaving me incredibly bored. I'm really dreading the coming summer because of this. Plus, I live in a tiny little town with nothing to do and am a decent distance from any real cities. Plus, the way my schedule is, I don't have much opportunity to go to any of the cities. (Not that I'd have much to do when I got there).

I've been hoping to find a job opening closer to home, but I haven't had any luck. Hell, I've been watching for the last two years and even looking everywhere, there hasn't been hardly anything worth applying for. For my age and experience, I'm in a pretty good spot. Basically the jobs I've seen are either crappier jobs I wouldn't want or jobs out of my qualification range.

I could just quit and spend some months at home. Because of my frugality and other circumstances, I have enough money to be unemployed for a year or two, so that's not my concern. But I'm afraid if I get out, I might not get back in, or would have to take a crap position. Plus, if I'm out for too long, I'll likely be pretty bored.

And I don't want to leave now, since I've only been at the current position for about two years, with my job before lasting one year. I don't want to make it look like I wouldn't commit long-term to future employers. But I'm not sure I can make it through another summer.

It seems to be the only thing on my mind and it's stressing me out, at a time when work should be fairly enjoyable.

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