Official Discussion - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (International Thread) [SPOILERS]

Was amazed by how many moments the movie recycled from earlier Jurassic Park films, but also how heavily influenced the film was by Spielberg's 'style' and cinematography in general...

  • The scene where Clarie and Franklin are trying to escape the dinosaur by climbing up the ladder with the dino snapping behind them trying to reach them was very similar to the first JP where Lex/Tim are trying to climb into the vent to escape the raptors, with the raptors just missing them

  • The scene where Maisie is trying to close the dumbwaiter door whilst the Indo Raptor is running at her, was obviously a recycled version of Lex trying to close the kitchen cupboard door with the raptor running at her

  • The sick raptor with the muzzle on being reminiscent of the sick baby T-Rex with the muzzle on in The Lost World

  • When the group first see a dinosaur on the island its a brachiosaurus walking in front of them - the same as in the first Jurassic Park

  • Lockwood just being a rip-off of John Hammond (the same cane, British guy with a white beard, being sick)

  • The goat being tied up and eaten by the T-Rex

  • The dinosaur with the large sticky tongue being reminiscent of the sick tricerotops' tongue in the first film

  • The Indo Raptor using his raptor claw to open a door like in the first movie

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