One of the greatest blessings of being a sikh - secure masculine role models

Lololololol dude stfu.

People would have respect for what the Gurus were, GURUS, spiritual leaders. I doubt anyone would see them this way. People would address them as father, I don't think people want to bang their dads. They weren't kanjar alpha males like you're fantasising about.

All of the stories were the Gurus were like "consider me to be your son" is in childhood/teenagers when they met women who had no kids. Thats not the same as women "throwing themselves" at the Gurus.

Besharam, don't you have enough sense to think better of your mothers and sisters. Fool.

The Gurus encouraged "feminine" emotions. Not sure if you've read SGGS, but the Gurus often talk from a "feminine" viewpoint. Clealrly they wanted Sikhs to take on emotions that were considered "feminine".

As /u/mrpaneer says, these were men who were not scared of their feminine side. But "alpha male red pillers" would probably take the piss out of the Gurus for being so confident in themselves, just because they're afraid of confronting their own "feminine side".

Vadda red piller. Lol. Its literally the opposite.

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