Is Online Dating Destroy Prospects for Average Guys?

The online thing is even worse for older guys.

I'm an older guy (43) and find it is much harder online than it used to be. I've always been an 8 or so, 9 if I dress up nice. In my 20's and 30's (yes, Internet dating has been around that long) I did fantastically well, because simply from my pictures I was seen as high value. In may online dating apps, particularly Tinder, and given the speed and abundance issue, if you don't look fit, hot and young, you are rejected in 0.5 seconds.

Now, I keep fit, dress well, have decent game and am still an 7 - for my age. That last bit is important. A 43 year old won't have a body (or face, TBH) like a 25 year old 8, and then there are the stereotypes about stamina and so on.

On top of this, there is the 'cougar tend'. Young guys - either betas or the occasional lazy alpha, will stick their dick in an older woman because 1) it's currently sort of trendy to do so, and 2) it's the path of least resistance.

And on top of that, older women gain status, either internally or with their peers, for hooking up with a younger guy. They convince themselves that getting a younger guy means they are still young, attractive and desirable. Powerful motivators, even if they are bullshit (tell them the reality that they are barely a notch above a lazy wank for most guys and see the reaction). Thus getting a younger guy is a badge of honour, and even if he is beta or fairly unattractive, this is overlooked in favour of this status and ego-feeding symbol.

The result: due to online dating, older women are increasingly preferring/getting younger guys because of massive and rapid abundance of 20's betas who would stick their dick in a warm cantaloupe, because women's insatiable ego/delusion needs to be fed, and because of the current 'cougar' trend (promoted by betas due to their low value and women due to their egos).

All in all it makes if really fucking hard for a guy in his 40's to get anywhere online. I agree with another poster here - online is dead. Doubly so for older guys. Meeting in person where you can charm and game is essential.

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