Only 13 percent of Germans completely disagree with the PEGIDA anti-Islam demonstrations. 75 percent agree fully or to some degree

That's refreshing. I remember a few years back, when the Syria thing was starting to get worse. I fell out with a leftist girlfriend at the time, because I told her that I really did feel like a decent sized state was about to pop up and gobble up chunks of neighboring states, and that it'd all be predicated first and foremost under the flag of Islam. I made some wild guesses about what sort of nonsense it'd do, but I was a wee bit to conservative. Saw the slavery happening, but not the full extent of the barbarity. Frankly, I've felt pretty bloody vindicated. Thing is? Noticeably over the last few months (and I'm only speaking from my very specific experiences, in my tiny little chunk of England, and naturally of the lower classes of which I am a member) people are really, really starting to wake up to the Muslim question. The old idea that you could conflate Islam with race, and therefore everybody would be terrified of the thought-crime 'racism', has dwindled and died away. But what does it matter? Is anybody going to do anything? No. I certainly don't plan to. What's the point of principles without power? No use being in prison. Nothing will change until somebody captures the state and uses the state to change stuff. And do you know what? This, er.. preface to my point, is probably unpopular on this sub, but: I haven't got a problem with Jewish people. Not an iota. I don't personally buy into the conspiracy theories. But do you know what? I'm really starting to think a National Socialist-type party is the only way we'll get through all of this mess we've invited upon our nations, I really do. We have to ask ourselves one very simple question, collectively as members of our own nations, and that question is: Will Europe still be Europe, when it no longer consists primarily of Europeans? And with the typing of that sentence, I let out a sigh (honestly). I have friends of different races and so on. I don't want to feel this way. But were we EVER asked about this? Did we ever say "do you know what, why not invite half of the third world into our town's and cities"? I don't think most of us did. It looks like a time's coming, whereby the nations of Europe will have to sacrifice their principles and do whatever needs to be done. If I recall, Machiavelli had this idea that, a ruler has to accept that he is going to hell. He has to accept that, through virtue of his being a prince (his terminology), he'll have to condemn his own soul in order to get the job done, to fulfill his duty to his people. Well there's a time coming, whereby the nations of Europe (whatever those nations may be) will find themselves at a cross road: one leads to extinction, and the other to survival, to a future for our grandchildren greater than the one we're currently going to give them. Did the Irish fight England and my ancestors to surrender Ireland to Africa and Pakistan? No. What of the nations of the UK? Did we fight (probably wrongly, I'm afraid to say) Germany, only to become an outpost for Pakistan and Uganda? No. To which, I feel reluctantly to paraphrase that old leftists madman Lenin: What is to be done?

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