Only pro-lifers state their true justifications

And how does this lend credence to your idea that I find myself of no value?

I never claimed you have no value, however your view did sound like that until you claimed to have value for other reasons than your species. So I’ll go a head and ask you a pessimistic philosophical question. What reason and value do we have? Why even care if this is just temporary?

You, for example, probably don't think ants are worth as much as yourself. I just don't judge on the mere biological triviality that is species.

We humans do have dominance over the animals and plants in this world. Though, we don’t or at least I don’t try killing animals for nothing or fun.

Godwin's Law.

Yeah. Though true. Seriously, if we start dehumanizing other and find ourselves superior, is that not dangerous?

your attempts to cover your tracks.

Not trying to cover them. I just find it a waste to even attempt to reason with such a view like yours, BUT I do find an interest in this value thing. Mostly for the questions I asked in this response. I’m actually curious to know your answers.

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