Opinion: Trans people are not the minority of the population

I think we might know very different people! Everyone I know constantly reminds cis people of how they will be hurt by these laws. Not necessarily out of benevolence, but because we know the public won't really care unless it will impact them too. The primary people by number impacted by anti trans bathroom laws for example have been masculine and gender non conforming cis women. They get interrogated and harassed all the time. They are the primary people by number because there are like 99x as many of them as there are trans feminine people, of course.

I don't think anyone with an atypical gender expression is inherently transgender, and I'm not sure that messaging helps us. Particularly when a lot of our opponents are trying to claim that is what we believe. That not being gendered stereotypes makes a person trans, and that all gender non conformity is inherently trans. I think someone can be a masculine cis woman or a feminine cis man. However, if at any point they personally consider themselves trans then that should be enough for anyone to call them trans. There aren't any tests they need to pass beyond saying they're trans.

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