Opinion/Venting: Men who can't apologize or admit when they've done something wrong are not men – they are little boys.

Well you were making a very blanket statement and someone ask brought up that it also applies to women. It didn’t even have to mean that you were necessarily wrong, but you responded that it’s not related. It wasn’t an argument until then. It’s a vent post. It’s not to meant for people to argue. I don’t think the comment was inappropriate for pointing out that women also fit that description.

You are claiming that the original comment is completely irrelevant to what you posted. Except it isn’t. Thats what started my “debate”. There seemed to be a very narrow focus on what you’re willing to accept. Something isn’t “irrelevant ” because you don’t want to hear it. Though I might give credence to it being “unsupportive” even if I might not agree. Regardless there were much better ways to respond including not responding at all.

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