[Other] Why has The Avengers inflated only by 90 million with 6 years of inflation while Jurassic World has added 80 million with 3 years of inflation?

There are always some faults in Box office Mojo Calculation.

Think about it in 2 yrs the Inflation rose the ticket price by 10mn only and then by 80Mn.

On the other hand During Avengers Time Imax screen were fat less common then during the time of Jurrasic World.

Jurrasic World was one of the must see Imax Movie I don't think Avengers was promoted as that.

Therefore this list has some glitches that's why I don't prefer these list and rather go for The Impact Movie created In Time after its release.

For example Dark Knight must have sold More tickets than Jurrasic World but these List are very Confusing and suspicious.

Recommendation Inflation list should not be used to Compare. Far less people go to the movies then they were going before.

I don't Think any Person of My Generation (15yrs old) will like Gone with The wind but will really Like Star wars and Snow White.

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