[Other] Being higher in domestic and 'international sans China' gross doesn't make one movie superior to other

I always love the dishonesty

Where am I dishonest, quote it.

US loves plenty of trash films

Where did I say US doesn't love plenty of trash films?

is it really that difficult to comprehend that foreign movies where acting and plot is a major point do not translate so well everywhere else in the world?

Where did I say I can't comprehend this? As a matter of fact, I defend this later in this thread.

I would have thought a superior critical thinker like yourself to make the connection.

When did I say I was a superior critical thinker? I mean, I am, but when did I say it? Just you being a sad, inflammatory douchebag.

but the cultural differences are significant

When did I say they weren't?

You're simply not watching the same movie as the average chinese moviegoer because you're watching it through your eyes.

When did I say I wasn't, as a matter of fact, when did I say I have even seen a blockbuster that has done well in China? The thing is, I haven't. I haven't seen Fast and Furious, Transformers, Avengers, so I truly have to fucking clue where you're pulling this retarded bullshit from.

Chinese people do not relate to the same thing and do not live in the same society you do. Get over it. You don't have superior taste, there's no such thing.

Yet again, nothing I have ever said. You are such a sad fucking loser. You literally made an entire comment about nothing I said. I watch Chinese movies, I like Chinese movies. I like foreign films. So I truly don't know what you are talking about or where you are coming from. All that I can conclude is that you are dumb and misinterpreted by comment.

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