Our Five Goals

I think you got my point all wrong. I have no doubt that police can get away with a lot of atrocities and it would be nigh impossible to prosecute them. What I have an issue with is your stance. You said:

Your item no 3 doesn't makes any sense. Can't blame Govt not goin to respond at all. Arrested ppl are suspect, if they are innocent, prove themselves in court If police is untouchable is it that strange that protesters would like to get some concessions? In ideal world everyone is treated equally. In reality protesters face untouchable police force who imprisons their comrades. Not being able to get police held accountable they demand release of their compatriots. Sounds reasonable enough to me. A tad childish? Sure. Can I understand where are they coming from? Think so. Was your initial comment belittling them? I maintain it was.

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