Ousama Ranking - Episode 15 discussion

It was pretty funny, but thinking back on it now, it feels like one of the few missteps the show has made.

I've been quite happy to invest emotionally in the characters so far, and be willing to be worried about them when they're in peril. However when a show starts doing things like this, clearly setting it up as though he's going to die, then actively showing what looks like a fatal impact and playing it for the full emotional weight... only to turn it into a gag, I start trusting and investing less as a viewer. After all, when's the next 'high emotional moment... gotcha!' going to come?

Also rings a bit oddly in the sense that at least two falls have been a real source of tension so far - the fall as Bocchi escapes from the tower, and then fall in the fires of hell.

Of course, all works of fiction are allowed their minor wobbles, especially in the context of so much quality character writing elsewhere, but I hope there aren't any more of those sorts of misleads for comedic effect.

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