OW2 is losing me

Moira is legit the most useful and versatile character in game. If you’re a support main hop in ranked with her, if your team is competent be a healer, if they’re not pull off crazy flanks on the back line with her dash and orbs, I started playing Lucio as my main at launch, he’s fun but I can’t change the pace of the game, if my team is getting dismantled by dps and good support from the other team shoot your healing orb as your team gets into the team fight and then engage battle Moira, you have to time your utilities (like you would with any flanking character) but she’s literally the best character to flank with imo (which many probably initially wouldn’t agree with) if you get back to your team getting lit up and 2 health left immediately start healing them with her base heal and you’re immediately ready for another flank and healing, you can out heal and dps with her, you can carry better from support flex than ever before, bap and Ana can also do it very well but require better awareness aim and timing as their mobility isn’t nearly as good

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