Parking my motorcycle along with car in a single parking space and winter glove problem

Like the other commenter said, your parking album 404s. That said: a lot of it depends on neighbouring spots (if any) and the people in them. Try not to be inconvenient--making it harder for them to park or back out their vehicles, harder to open doors or walk around the car, etc.

I've asked potential landlords about putting a motorcycle into a spot with a car.. Generally the feedback is 'uh.. Okay.. So long as you're careful not to damage any neighbouring cars I guess'. Some other places have a strict one-vehicle-one-spot policy. You may want to double check. If you know any of the people you park next to, or can get in touch with them, ask them about it, and what they'd find least inconvenient.

When I've had to share a parking spot with a bike (or two), the way we've usually done it is to have the bike parked carefully at the very end of the parking spot, perpendicular to the lines. Then the car is parked in as close as you can manage.

If the bike parks second or needs to leave first, the car is shoved as far forward into the spot as possible, and the bike snuggles up against the bumper. It feels a bit less safe this way--seems it would run a higher risk of damage from people being careless backing up...

Personally wouldn't park the bike beside the car in the spot unless there's no other option, and only then if it was temporary. It seems it would be the most annoying-to-other-cars option, and the most likely way to get your bike doored or keyed or knocked over (accidentally or otherwise).

Regarding the gloves--perhaps try turning them inside out and seeing if you can stitch the liner to the fingers in a few places so it doesn't slide around as much?

When it was chilly I just used cheap stretchy gloves under my regular gloves on the advice of a rider who is far more cold tolerant than I am--it works really well. I still tap out when it gets below zero, though.. And have thrown a pair of heavier winter gloves on top of my motorcycle gloves before too, but my hands get super cold in general, so every bit helps.

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