The Paul Pelosi Bodycam Video Has Been Released

The speaker of the house’s husband was attacked with a hammer. This is the video of it. The controversy is surrounding odd details of the crime and the unwillingness of the police/prosecutors to release info until now only on behest of some judge. Odd details include their nonchalance in responding to the crime and things such as the glass to the window the intruder came in through being broken outwards from the window.

Right wing says that this guy knew Paul Pelosi before the attack and that they had a relationship. He is a controversial figure after allegations of insider trading.

My opinion, this very disturbed individual came to pelosi residence with intent to hurt/whatever to Nancy Pelosi, found her husband home who had been drinking (beer/something in hand in video) husband gets weird vibes from this guy and calls the cops and they show up just as they start fighting over this hammer that he’s attacked with. I think him being intoxicated is the reason they didn’t want to release video and the reason for him not reacting differently to someone in his home. This being said, I do think they should be investigated for insider trading.

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