People have been saying that the sky is falling in China for years. Laowai who still live in China, what is your tipping point for leaving?

Been here for 5 years. Still here because I adopted 3 stray animals that needed urgent help. I'm not sure how to take them with me to my country in Europe safely. As you know, animals here are objects (or just trash) and are treated accordingly so I don't want to bring my pets on a plane that will probably get them killed either by mistreatment or cold. I'd have to take a chinese operated plane to an airport hub like Beijing or Shanghai and there maybe take an European operated plane to Europe.

Anyway, I second everything that has been written in previous posts so far about this place. I'm tired of everything and everyone here with a very few exceptions. I do love taobao and waimai but it's not worth the soulless/shallow people I have to meet everyday. Thankfully, I don't work too much for what I earn but I think I'd rather work more and earn less doing something I love surrounded by people who have at least a little sparkle of life in their eyes. Women here only care about makeup, selfies and food and guys about stupid phone games and also food. The foreigners I've met always have something strange about them, either they are only here to get laid or have serious mental/emotional problems. I'm included in the last type of foreigner I guess. This place has taken my soul. Not only because of the evil I see towards animals here but of the weariness of life in general. I feel like I'm in a prison cell all the time; no privacy and constantly observed. Lately, I even started doing something that I know is dangerous and will probably make the police deport me (looking for shrooms/taking ayahuasca) just to try to get a piece of my soul back (too emo, I know, but it's true). So, maybe that will be the tipping point for me. I just hope that I can take care of everything needed to bring my pets safely with me before something bad happens. Oh, and I hope my partner will not get into trouble because of me (also a foreigner but he is okay with life here as long as he has VPN and Steam working).

Sorry for the long text. Thank you for reading.

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