People who quit their jobs on the first day, what was your “I’m outta here” moment?

Tried to get a summer job. They made it sound like it was a job focused on water research.

Got there the first day, and it was a shady ask for money door-to-door fundraising for water conservation/environmental protection or something like that. We hopped in a white van (yes, that kind) around 3 PM and drove to a neighborhood, and got divided into teams. We'd spend the next 6 hours walking around a neighborhood knocking on doors.

Since it was my first day, and I wasn't given information on how to dress, I was in a button up long sleeve, tie, and khakis, while everyone else was in shorts and tank tops/shirts. The relative humidity was about 80%, and it was a little hot, so yeah I was sweating.

Thought it was ok, until my "partner" (guy whose been there for 3 years or so) took one of the commissions I made because I asked him for help on how one of the check should be signed (again, 1st day, idek the name of the company, or the address). Thought it was odd, but seemed I thought it fair since I was the rookie at the time, and he knew what he was doing.

Get back to the van around 9 PM, waited an extra hour and a half before we were supposed to leave because one of the guys got "lost" (he came back slightly smelling like weed and alcohol.)

On the drive back, overheard a girl talking about "Man I didn't make this week's setpoint. I hope they don't dock me." AKA they were getting paid of commission. No wonder my "partner" took one of mine.

Get back to the building, and the group leader started making a speech that sounded like something off a generic Captain Planet PSA. Idr the whole thing, but like, all of us were around the table with an elephant plush with him saying "...And WE are the protectors of the environment. When we practice green ideas, we make the world green. Only we can prevent forest fires etc."

Pats me on the shoulder and says he's looking forward to seeing me further in action next week. It's March, I applied to work during June/July because of school.

As soon as I left the building, I blocked their number and drove the extra 4 hours to get home, even though I reserved a hotel in that city for the night.

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