People who were adults during Y2K, what was the most radical action someone you know did to prepare for the "apocalypse?"

Late to the party, but my family was in between houses and was staying with some dear, dear, friends during Y2K. We discovered that they had a secret bunker with several generators powering refrigerators full of various vaccines (I remember a lot of anthrax vaccines), medications, sterile medical equipment, water purification methods, etc. The bunker also had a “classroom” where they would be teaching their children during the apocalypse, because, no more school I guess (?!). There were also weapons, 10,000 cans of food and military style rations, and gas masks.

They made such a big deal of it that I think they had us leave early because of acute embarrassment... Day after Y2K they got us a hotel room and showed us the door.

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