Picked this beast up for $40 last night, 2x Xeon 5670’s and 8gb ram that I upgraded to 24! I’m super excited to have it as my server!

That's the point, it's not a waste of money. The insinuation that it is a waste is what is the trigger here I think. In some parts of the world they view electricity for AC is a waste, but it's all relative to the person and this sub is to celebrate and enjoy these things, both mini and rack sized, together. But a shaming campaign by a few against any posting with an Enterprise setup for electrical use has been pretty prevalent, like almost every post that I see where someone is showing their new r710 there's a dozen comments about "Oh yeah, reeeeal nice buddy, enjoy that HUUGE electric bill!" And it's just tiring and a little old, especially for a homelab group. I think those on the receiving end of this presume if these people think that small electric boost is "omg expensive" then they probably can't afford a $40 refurbished r410, and that even if they had it, they wouldn't know what to do with it since the criticism also centers around "My rpi is more powerful and does everything I need!". I personally have both, enterpise and a couple mini labs, and I use them for very different things and see the benefit of both.

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