Anyone make the switch from pfsence to opnsense recently?

Tried them both first in VM. pfsense could not get a DHCPv4 WAN IP address. Only DHCPv6. Even when setting WAN interface with only DHCPv4. ISP does not support IPv6. After a while it did get suddenly an IPv4 address on the WAN interface. But found out it opens by default port 80, 53, 443 on WAN. Had to close them with manual rules. I did not liked that. After reading the story pfsense had with opnsense I didn't liked that either. So I went definitely direct with opnsense. Also found out that by default the same ports were opened on WAN. Could not find any automatic rules for those ports. I found that strange. Manually closed them too. Everything looks fine now. I like the fact having a firewall with full control over it. So I think this should be ok for the next year. It's fun. VPN with mullvad, a bunch of VLAN's separating all traffic. Tied close. Unbound DNS over DoT and DoH is great. Way better UI than pfsense. And more. Having all my servers on 1 machine with Proxmox is also outstanding. Buying a subscription to help out the community.

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