Installed this for a client

Here is the list:

Draytek vigor 130 - this one converts the vdsl line to ethernet

USG-PRO 4 - their gateway

US-24-250w - supplies power to 3 ap's and serves as a backbone switch

Synology RS815+ - 4x WD red 2TB

CyberPower 600 watts ups - provides a bit of power when the main power is lost

And then the 24 ethernet runs with a total lenght of 500 ish meters took me about 4 days 2 doing the wiring and 2 days making patch cables ( i know i could order pre assembled cables but there never the right length, so i made 24 of them myself, the dsl line is transported upstairs using a network cable,

I used ubiquiti toughcable pro here about 2 spools when in the building also used that to make the patch cables, and used intronics shielded connectors and white cable tules for a nice effect and added bend protection.

So far it works great.

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