Please do not type what kind of porn you watch as that might be bad for some members here :) thank you :D

I totally agree. While it personally didn't "trigger" me to a relapse, I think I can speak on behalf of all people here that I don't care, at all, how messed up the things you watched were. I don't care if you made a fake vagina out of junk and ended up in the hospital because you almost severed your junk off. I don't care if you f-ed a bag of marshmallows. (Both things I've read in the past week on the subreddit). I don't care about the intimate details with your sexual partner.

I also don't care about the formulated story: I discovered PMO at age X, I'm Y years old, and the amount of how messed up the stuff I watched was Z, and then proceed to explain Z in detail. I've read it a thousand times, nobody benefits from this and nobody frankly cares.

I personally only make a post if I think I can help others solve a specific problem, or if I need help from others solving a specific problem. I also think things like benefits are a good thing to post, but they are usually either exaggerated or repeated for the n-th time, or both. A success story is OK with me, but only if the writer writes it with a underlying message; if he uses his own example for others to follow - not to boast about how much an "alpha" gorilla he is. I'm also pretty sick of the CAPS FUCKING LOCK MOTIVATION WARRIORS, BITHCES. I seriously doubt the writers AND the supporters of those posts benefit from that in the long run, because such BEAST MOTIVATION is fleeting and subsides in a matter of hours. Trust me when I say this, it took me 3 years to learn that it's not about how motivated you are, but how disciplined you are. Motivation lasts for a few hours, discipline lasts forever. You can use short bursts of motivation to build discipline, but at some point you just have to do things when you don't feel like it. There is no magic motivation post and there is no point in trying to write one.

I ESPECIALLY don't care for the redpill alpha-beta male posts. Nobody, EVER, will care about insecure, desperate idiots trying to affirm their distortion of reality, except like idiots. I remember reading a story about how the writer of the post got an insecure look from a girls' boyfriend after blatantly staring at her. Probably not even insecure, probably just the OPs' desperate effort to affirm himself in someway, and confirm the affirmation through online support.

I'm planning on staying on this subreddit until I think I'm cured of PMO-ing, just because like a few times a week I can find meaningful quotes, stories, and life outlooks that sometimes put a tear in my eye or makes me feel goosebumps out of pure awe. Other than that, NoFap is a community of a wide range of people, most of which are hormone-addled, affirmation-desperate attention whores who think sex is the point of existence.

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