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   The President stood quiet at the podium. The press were barraging him with questions! Just a few hours earlier, Russia had called an emergency session at the U.N and in a move that had shocked and horrified the world, renounced it's membership to the United Nations and declared war on the country of Ukraine. The outrage was swift and brutal. Almost every country in the U.N. instantly revoked all trade and any treaty they had with Russia. U.N military police effectively took over Ukraine's defenses as too protect itself from Russia. Then, in another stunning event that shocked the world, ISIS militants had successfully bought nukes on the black market and had released a video to brag and threaten the world. The video also had more beheadings. Two middle aged Israeli civilians and a woman. The world was once again outraged. The President called together another  emergency U.N session. 
     The President stood with a calmness that brought ease to all the viewers at home. "Ladies and gentlemen of the press if you will please calm yourselves. I will now address the nation." The crowd instantly silenced themselves and turned on their tape recorders and brought their pencils to the notepads. The President took a drink from a glass of water. Even though he drank, his mouth still seemed extremely dry. 
      "America...no, the World was shocked today. Russia has left the United Nations and have declared war on Ukraine. ISIS has acquired weapons of mass destruction. You may be thinking to yourself, how does the U.S government intend to handle this? Are we in danger? Well, I am here to put your concerns to rest. In the matter of Russia, The United States has cut off all diplomatic relations with Russia and will remain this way until further notice. We will be accepting any Ukrainian refugees with open arms. The United Nations has set up a boat transport system that will take any Ukrainians that wish to leave their home country for the time being to the United States. We will treat them with the upmost respect and treat them as any U.S citizen would be treated. As of now The United Nations has taken over the defense of Ukraine. We have military detachments on standby if they are needed in Ukraine."
    "ISIS has recently released a video showing proof of their attainment of nuclear weapons. As many of you know, ISIS is a militant terrorist group working out of the Middle East. When I learned that they have acquired weapons of mass destruction, I immediately called for a special session of the United Nations. We have come up with a solution. We call it the TSC. That stands for the Terrorist Suppression Coalition. The U.N unanimously agreed that this threat must me eliminated and eliminated quickly. Military units from various countries are going to come together and attempt to stamp put this terrorist threat. As of now, the United States Government has made their stance known and stand behind it 100%. Just know one thing. America will never stand for the gross injustice Russia and ISIS have committed. That is all for now ladies and gentlemen."
     The crowd stood up and clapped fervently. A few of the audience members cheered. Some reporters shouted out additional questions, but the President was done for now. He left the stage and exited out the side door. He went into his private living room and laid down on the couch. The world was in turmoil but he didn't care about that right now. He was tired and wanted to take a nap before the next world disaster presented itself.

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