The PM previously said Albanese had no power to do anything about wages – now he’s arguing the Labor leader wants to do too much | Katharine Murphy

Morrison: gets 30% pay rise over ten years. Is one of the highest paid politicians in the world.

Also Morrison: belongs to party that have worked for a decade to suppress wages by undermining unionisation, gifting tax cuts to the rich, destroying worker rights, privatising everything in sight, enacting austerity policies, slashing social support services, feeding a property bubble

Also also Morrison: suddenly, during an election campaign, notices there's a cost of living crisis. Blames Labor (wtf?) Says Labor isn't doing enough to fix it. Promises to fix it without mentioning he is giving low and middle income earners a massive tax hike next year.

Albanese: the blindingly obvious solution is minimum wages need to rise to match inflation, so people aren't going backwards.

Morrison: durrrrr Labor wants your wages to rise! He wants the minimum wage to be $21 instead of $20!!!! There's be fire! Brimstone! AAAArgh the horror.

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