PM slams vacationers, says non-essential travellers will not be able to claim sickness benefit

Absolutely agree, therein lies the problem with this approach. So perhaps we need to approach from a different direction. I think if people had the information they needed they could make better decisions, however I've seen the message has been very "trust us" and a lot of withholding of information.

not once has health officials told us WHY aside from the 2-4% chance of death that we dont want to catch covid even if the majority will only experience bad flu symptoms. I know the answer to this, but it astounds me that it's not common knowledge. Its why I've held off, suffered the pain and NOT seen my doctor in Mexico even though I've run out of medication. Because on the balance it's better for my arthritis to progress a little if I can avoid catching covid from travel because if i do, and wait for the vaccine I will foe decades if not forever enjoy a 95% chance of never contracting covid ever, vs 60% through natural immunity.

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