At this point, it's unrealistic to ask GW to go back to firstborn with how much they've invested into Primaris.

but techno-Heresy

Which makes the Primaris lore even more retarded. The Mechanicus should have thrown a god damm shitfit and refused to arm them.

The Mechanicus is not part of the Imperium it is just a close ally due to the Treaty of Mars. They also hoard knowledge like its going out of style. A lot of the Mechanicus Magos probably know/remember what happened last time a Primarch got uppity so they should have told Gulliman to fuck off with his tech heresy.

But instead all of the Mechanicus just decided tech heresy is cool for some reason?

Fuck sakes the Mechanicus has ongoing civil wars due to opinions on normal STC based tech its why the Skittarri exist and its how GW justified Titan VS Titan fights in the past. But they decided some random tech heresy from a reclusive Magos is totally cool?

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