Pointlessnes of tribalism

I used to be as angry and racist/xenophobic as you.

My brother married to an Islamic women. Her brothers gay by the way. She loves him very much although she doesn't understand him. She seems to be dealing with as well as most Christians would. I personally worked as a security guard along side many Muslim men. We worked the night shift and had a lot of time to talk. These guys didn't necessarily like me and I don't super like them but their culture dictated that they be polite to me and offer me food and help if I needed it. They drove me home when my car broke down and fed me when I forgot my lunch. For the most part, they were awesome people. Better than myself. (Fuck if I would have gone without all my lunch to help them out). I am a better person for knowing them.

You could not have picked a culture out side of America that I am more prepared to defend.

I hope you can grow as a person and work through your hate. I have been in your shoes and will tell you that it feels very good to let go of the anger and forgive both yourself and others.

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