Police Treating Fire at Canada Mosque as a Hate Crime

Not saying I approve what happened; because I don't.

But the line has to be drawn somewhere, I would treat this as a hate crime / attempted murder. Setting anything on fire is absolutely fucked because you can kill somebody.

Terrorism doesn't take "race" or "religion" into account considering ISIS will kill other Muslims. They still see Western Muslims, and even Muslims from their own countries as "scum" because they don't follow the radicalized version of their faith.

So this isn't really terrorism. It's just a hate crime.

As for your comment on ideology is based on spreading [xenophobia] you need to remember the majority of Islam the religion is homophobic and treats it punishable by death. Same with Christianity and Judaism.

That is arguably an infringement right there and a hate crime right there, even being able to utter the parts of those books that advocate the murder of homosexuals; which they all do, is horrible and horrendous in itself. That is hate speech to me.

So we need to pay attention to what we are gonna label what, and how we are going to categorize things.

What happened is a hate crime, and attempted murder, pretty much the worst thing you can do in Canada.

But if you want to label it terrorism, I'd say that the ideas in the Bible, Qur'an and Torah all are extremely scary, and terrifying to me as a gay man, they literally say to kill me, and those passages are allowed to be bought, sold and preached in this country. That's worse than anything Muslims go through.

So let's just leave terrorism alone before people start running wild with the concept like I just did.

For now it's a threat against national security and to inspire fear into the heart of the public of a nation, not of a race. To reiterate, Islamic Terrorists have no problem killing other Muslims that aren't brainwashed / crazy like them.

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