Poll: 56% of adults say they ‘definitely would not’ vote for Trump

Literally EVERY DEMOCRAT is trying to find some bullshit reason on to IMPEACH Trump just because y’all didn’t get y’alls way when Hillary lost. The only reason on why y’all are against Trump on building a better wall is because “it’s Trump”. Their are recordings and evidence of Democrats agreeing with Republicans on building a wall but if Trump is president, you all disagree and go against him. Republicans aren’t fucking stupid, I know, we know, the bullshit political games y’all are playing.

Did any of the Republicans throw a bitch fit when Obama won? NO. We aren’t kids. We’re adults. Go on YouTube and you can watch so many videos of liberals and Democrats throwing a hissy fit and literally crying because Trump beat Hillary.

Statistics say that the majority of “the poor” are more Democrat than Republicans. “The poor” are just a bunch of people who make excuse after excuse on why they aren’t out of debt and blame it on others. The majority of poor zip code areas have a high gambling addiction too. They just have bad habits and continue to live on food stamps and rely on the Democratic Party to help them. They hate the Republicans because they don’t help them as much when it comes to financial issues. Republicans aren’t stupid, we know the games you all play.

I don’t recall who, but as of now, there is an Democrat running for president who wants to tax the rich like 80%..... or something like that. The wealthy own business which creates jobs and makes the economy boom and you all want to become a socialist type country like some cities in Canada and take the rich an absurd amount? Wow .....

At least Republicans don’t use fake names to pull in Hispanics votes... cough * cough * Beto. ( Beto be Ted Cruz)

One last thing, literally the Democrats throw a fit over the smallest things and blow it out of proportion..

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