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I first started gaming on a Happy Mac playing Risk and A Mess O' Trouble. At the time a computer was a novel thing to me but I learned enough to launch and play the games. Fast forward a bit to the original Doom on a windows pc; this was my first experience with DOS. We had to use DOS to launch the game, and to young me... that was like 1337 Zero Cool Hacker mode. I remember on the same PC a technician came over and "Installed the internet". (meaning he hooked up AOL). This guy was kind, and patient enough to explain to 10 year old me what the heck was going on. That shit literally blew my mind, from internet access to the Original Nickelodian Website... to chatrooms with ASL, then "progs". I started learning HTML and how to use Photoshop; I pirated my first thing (visual basic) and spend weeks trying to figure out what the fuck this split zip file was. I got starcraft and online gaming was introduced to my life but though all of this I was also learning about that windows pc, figuring out why "the sound did not work". "what do I do to make this joystick work", "how do I cover my tracks from this porn on the family computer." Suffice to say I learned a shit load on that computer. By the time I was going into high school I had begun running into usage time problems with the family; I knew the computer was awesome - but they were catching on. So, at 14 I had saved and the knowledge and built my own. Counter Striking since 1.4!

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