Post-Match Thread: Arsenal vs Spurs (1 Sep 2019)

I feel like it’s a lot of young fans in here so a bit of context: there really is no context where taking points away from Arsenal away is all bad, we’ve won that fixture twice in the history of the premier league (Pochettino has never won it and the last time we did was 2010).

Sure we could have done better and sure there were opportunities, but that match thread was an absolute shower and worse than anything anyone did on the pitch today (Even Sánchez). This place might have actually honestly gotten worse than /r/soccer. Fighting with each other, hurling ridiculous insults at players nonstop, I totally understand the anxiety of it all (I’ve been a fan since George Graham) but a lot of you are embarrassing yourselves and the club truly.

It’s a point at Arsenal away, just our 7th out of a possible 30 in the past ten years. They are very resurgent right now and we have clearly stumbled out of the gate. Let’s get through the international break and reassess. We’ve played like shit but all in all gotten through two of our worst fixtures for the whole season.

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